Hawk 240R Technical spec. Fuel Figures Performance Dimensions
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Technical spec.

Hawk 240R technical figures


Example of typical data:


Thrust range                                       0.8 - 24.0 kg  / 1.8 - 52,9  lbs    +/- 10%


Pressure ratio                                      1.2 - 4,6


Rpm                                                   39 000 - 132 000 rpm


EGT                                                   400 - 760° ( max 800) Celsius


Fuel consumption                                 65 - 515g / minute


Fuel                                                   Kerosene, Jet A1 or Diesel (EN590) with 1.5% oil


Oil quality                                           Two stroke outboard oil


Engine controll                                    Fadec full auto start


Starting gas                                        Propane butane mixture


Battery                                              LiPo 7.4,  2000mAh (Not incl.)


Mounting                                            Lugs with fuel / propane connectors


Compressor                                        Radial, transonic in-house design


Turbine                                              Radial


Combustor                                         Reverse flow type


Engine weight                                     2800 gram (engine and starter)


Airborne Install weight                         Aprox. 3100 gram


All data in ISA conditions.



Unique features for the Hawk 240R

  • Unique rotor damping system
  • Milled in house designed compressor
  • Mounting lugs of solid aluminium with fuel connectors
  • Lowest fuel consumption on the market (4,5 liters will last for 10 minutes flying in normal sport / scale aircraft)
  • Fast spool times
  • Three years warranty